There are no two breasts that are exact mirror images of each other.  Dr. Beber is an expert in both cosmetic plastic surgery and reconstructive breast surgery, and his experience affirms that most women have some degree of asymmetry between their two breasts.  Some women develop more severe degrees of asymmetry that can result in breasts that are more than a cup size difference in volume.  Having asymmetrical breasts can create challenges for women to find proper fitting bras, swimsuits and clothes.  Women may feel self-conscious about having difference between their two breasts.

Dr. Beber often combine proven surgical techniques used in plastic surgery to achieve great degrees of breast symmetry.   The combination may include breast augmentation (using breast implants) on the smaller side, breast augmentation of both breasts with difference size implants, breast reduction of the larger breast or breast reduction of both breasts by different amounts. 

It is not uncommon for breast asymmetry patients undergoing surgery chose to have additional surgery performed at the same time.  Some breast asymmetry patients will have areola reduction, liposuction or a tummy tuck procedure combined in one surgery setting. During your consultation, Dr. Beber will review the different techniques and options available, and help you chose the option that will best achieve the results you desire.  Dr. Beber will examine your breasts and make detailed measurements associated with the size and shape, skin quality and the position of your nipples and areola with comparison to the left and right breasts.   Pre-surgery photographs will be taken for medical record purposes.

Breast asymmetry surgery is performed under general anaesthesia and you will be able to return home the same day after your surgery.  You will require someone responsible to take you home and stay with you for 24 hours after your surgery.  Breast asymmetry patients are able to return to light activities the next day and return to normal daily activities in one to two weeks.  Patients are able to return to strenuous physical activities such as the gym or heavy lifting after 3-4 weeks. 

Depending on the procedure and technique used for breast asymmetry surgery and the combination of procedures, the scar and length of the scar will be varied.  All scars are permanent and will improve in its appearance and colour over time with healing.  The recovery, healing process and the appearance of the scars can be improved if you are in good health, don’t smoke and follow up with Dr. Beber after your surgery.  The appearance of the scar can also improve with proper maintenance and care with recommended scar gels and protection from UV rays.

Some of the potential risks and complications associated with surgery although rare, are unfavourable scarring, infection, anaesthesia risks, bleeding, poor wound healing and breast shape and contour asymmetry.  Dr. Beber will review the risks in detail and risks associated with your pre-existing health condition in detail at your consultation.  

For more information specific to your concerns and your anatomy please call Dr. Beber’s to arrange a comprehensive consultation.

Dr. Brett Beber Plastic, Cosmetic, and Reconstructive Surgery

Dr. Beber is a highly trained Plastic Surgeon, specializing in breast surgery, body contouring, and facial aesthetics. He is a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, and a member of the Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons. Dr. Beber lectures at University of Toronto’s Division of Plastic Surgery, where he has earned professional respect and recognition.   

Dr. Beber graduated with honours from the Faculty of Medicine (University of Toronto). In 2004, he completed the prestigious five-year Plastic Surgery Training Program, while receiving a number of awards for patient care, research, and teaching. After training, Dr. Beber was asked to join Women’s College Hospital and Toronto East General Hospital, where he continues today.

Over the years, Dr. Beber has received the Sopman Humanitarian Award; A. W. Harrison Award for Excellence; and the Tau Omiron Phi Chi Award (Clinical Research). He is the Co-Chairman of the Toronto Breast Symposium, which is the largest conference of its kind in Canada, dedicated to aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery. TBS remains at the forefront of innovation in the field.

At his midtown Toronto clinic, Dr. Beber provides full service cosmetic plastic surgery, with a focus on breast enhancement, facial aesthetics, non-surgical injectables, and body contouring. The patient roster is diverse, primarily from personal recommendations and physician referrals. It’s simply a reflection of Dr. Beber’s respected position, experience and patient dedication.

Dr. Beber’s clinic staff is dedicated to exceptional service – from the first phone call, to the initial visit, to every post-operative follow-up. The ultimate objective is to foster an empowering patient experience for one of the most personal and emboldened decisions a person can make. Best of all, the team is there every step of the way, from decision making, to surgery, to recovery.  

A decision to undergo cosmetic surgery is both personal and exciting. For Dr. Beber, step one is always patient education – a personal consultation in a comfortable, unhurried environment.  Dr. Beber listens attentively to patient concerns, identifies personal goals, and thoroughly reviews the pros and cons of cosmetic surgery techniques. He explains the procedure that will be used, the recovery aspects, and the potential risks of surgery.

Dr. Beber is known for his warm and thoughtful approach, as he encourages patients to present questions, and be better informed. This is the best way to make health decisions. From breast surgery, to body contouring, to facial aesthetics, Dr. Beber offers a highly professional approach, using the latest in state-of-the-art techniques. Every procedure is customized, and all personal aesthetic concerns addressed.