With Breast Augmentation Surgery, It’s Best To Be Well Informed

Dr. Brett Beber - Toronto's Best Plastic Surgeon

Breast augmentation surgery is probably the top cosmetic procedure performed today. For many women, and for a variety of reasons, breast size and shape is important. Whether it’s about self-esteem, or a specific health issue, breast augmentation can be the right approach for enhancing breast fullness, improving breast symmetry, or simply rejuvenating one’s physical appearance.

In Toronto, Dr. Brett Beber is recognized as an expert in breast surgeries, with a specialization in breast augmentation. As the Co-Director of the Toronto Breast Symposium, Dr. Beber continues to be at the leading edge of reconstructive and aesthetic breast surgery. He has in-depth expertise with saline, silicone and IDEAL implants, including the latest generation of cohesive silicone gel-filled implants.

Patients of all ages come to the clinic, and for many reasons. For some, breast augmentation may be desirable to create balance with the rest of the body. For others, it may be about corrective measures after pregnancy or breastfeeding. For some women, a combination of breast implants and breast lift may be an option for rejuvenating the aesthetic appearance of their breasts.

What’s important for every patient is be well informed about a specific surgical procedure, and to ask all of the relevant questions at the consultation. This is where Dr. Beber excels – he works with patients personally, to fully customize a breast augmentation procedure, and makes every effort to attain the patient’s personal goals. Patients are encouraged to be informed and educated.

For Dr. Beber and the team, every cosmetic procedure is focused on patient safety and well-being. With breast augmentation, all of the pros and cons are deliberated, and all of the surgical aspects reviewed – including the type of implant, the incision location, and the “pocket” positions. Every pre-surgery consultation is comprehensive, and every facet of the procedure is discussed.


Breast implants are available with saline filled or silicone gel filler material. The saline implants are fabricated with a silicone shell, which will be filled with a saline solution (salt water) during the operation. After being placed into the breast pocket, the implant are filled with saline according to the volume discussed.

  • saline implants require smaller incisions than the silicone implants
  • with saline, the volume of solution can adjust to different breast size
  • armpit incisions can be accommodated to avoid  breast scarring
  • saline implants are slightly less costly than comparative silicone gel implants

Silicone implants are also made with a silicone shell, and are pre-filled with silicone gel by the manufacturer. These implants come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Filled with a thick silicone gel, these implants are semi-solid, much like the consistency of a “gummy bear”. Many patients prefer silicone because of the superior aesthetic results.

  • silicone gel implants are soft in composition, and feel more natural
  • silicone gel results in less “rippling” than the saline filled implants
  • Silicone gel if placed under the muscle has lower rate of contractures

It’s important for every patient to remember that breast implants have the potential to fail over time. If a saline implant fails, the solution is absorbed into the body and the implant goes flat.  If a silicone implant fails, the gel will not absorb into the body, and the breast will hold its shape. In either failure, immediate care and attention is required (replacement is easy to perform).


The IDEAL IMPLANT® is a new design that combines a natural feel with safety. By using only the saline solution, patients can feel confident that their implants are intact. These implants are now available in Canada, but only to a limited few plastic surgeons. The new design is FDA approved and Health Canada approved. The IDEAL IMPLANT® feels very natural, and quite similar to the silicone implant. With an inner saline chamber, and an outer saline chamber, solutions are better controlled, therefore giving a more natural feel. For patients who desire the aesthetic benefits of silicone, without using silicone gel implants, this new approach to breast augmentation is ideal.


With breast augmentation, three types of incisions are possible, through which a breast implant can be inserted. Here again, Dr. Beber reviews the options with every patient, along with the pros and cons of each. Working together, it’s important to decide jointly for complete satisfaction.  


This scar placement is just under the breast. This approach will hide the scar well and further minimize any negative effects on future breastfeeding. A very versatile location, this incision is used for any implant type or size. Scar length will depend directly on the type of implant.


This scar placement is around the areola. The scar length will depend on the type of implant. Women who have small areolas may not be suitable for this approach. Since this incision will require dissection in the middle of the breast, this may compromise breastfeeding.


This incision and scar placement is situated in the armpit. Clearly, the advantage is that no scar is visible on the breast. This incision is only used with saline implants, and is common when the breast implant is placed right under the muscle of the chest (subpectoral).



All things considered, Dr. Beber works personally with each patient to make decisions relevant to the surgery. Physically, there are a number of considerations – like current breast size, shape, and position. Emotionally and psychologically, there are also things to consider, and here, Dr. Beber can be valuable in articulating advantages, disadvantages, and potential for improvement.

For Dr. Beber and the surgical team, it’s important to fully address the personal wants and wishes of a patient. Pre-surgery consultations are personal and intimate. The clinic atmosphere is stress-free, and patient concerns are always accommodated. Patients will be well apprised of the pros and cons of breast augmentation, the relative recovery period, and any of the potential risks.


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